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  1. This is a song I wrote for my friend that got beaten up defending his best friend. It was a hate crime. 

    The guitar is by Zac Carper from Fidlar

    I’ve never been involved nor had a friend involved with a hate crime before.  I didn’t know what to expect or how that would feel. I’ve read stories in the news. I’ve read about ‘The Sophie Lancaster Foundation’ online. In fact I first heard of it because of my friend Mika who works for Illamasqua make up. Mika is an incredible make up artist, he is vibrant, he is loyal, he is a good friend and he is passionate about life. At a party he is loud & fun to be with. If it’s a fancy dress party his costume is the best, he’s the first person on the dance floor & he’s the one you sneak off with a few hours later to share secrets and discuss the importance of the spice girls.

    I remember a night out with Mika that was about to end in a kebab shop, we walked down the street to find a cab & agreed collectively to have one more drink. We somehow ended up at a Turkish woman’s private 50th birthday party & after 10 minutes of being there we were invited to the table, given birthday cake & Mika was hand in hand, dancing & laughing with the birthday girl until the bar closed. Nights like this come often when you spend time with someone as fun & spontaneous as Mika.

    Mika was at my house last Thursday night, the 11th July. I had a couple of friends over for a BBQ and he stopped by that evening. He had just come from a comedy show where he had been selected from the audience to participate, which he was more than happy to do, and had had a ‘clint eastwood style shoot down’ with balloons. The night ended in us painting each others faces with ‘kiss’ style make up.

    On the 13th July Mika went out with one of his best friends, Bonnie, a beautiful girl who dresses alternatively & has a lot of tattoos. They were in a chicken shop in soho when a couple of guys took a disliking to her alternative look. They threatened to stab her because of the way she was dressed, she was bottled, and Mika stood in & was beaten so badly he now has a fracture in his face.

    When I looked on facebook and saw a picture of him I cried.  When I got a message from Bonnie explaining what had happened to her, I cried. This next part of this piece is harder to write than describing to you how awesome my friend is. I want to say a thousand things, about how I am angry, disgusted, about how sad and sick it makes me seeing people being treated like this.  I want to scream fuck into a pillow. I’m concerned as to how these 2 will get their confidence back after this. I can’t even imagine how they both feel. All I can do is be there for him. And reach out to Bonnie and offer support, human to human. ‘The Sophie Lancaster Foundation’ have been so supportive. They were in touch instantly & helped guide Mika through how to deal with the police and investigation.

    There are some small things I can do to help my friend, one of those was write him this song. But there must be more that I can do. I want to stamp out hate and prejudice. I want things to change. If this story has made you want to change things too then please head to  Read Sophie’s story and let’s see how we can help. 

  2. "Pink Limo Ride" - Wake The Fuck Up - Kate Nash
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